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Jul 18th, 2020 | by: Circuit Mania
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In this condition of COVid-19, we should avoid touching like Doorbell so in this project to make anything Touchless/NON-contact


How you can make anything Touchless/NON-contact:
Touchless Doorbell
Social distancing is one of the best methods to escape from COVID-19. I strongly recommend staying at home. But we can't avoid some emergency visits to some homes. When we arrived in front of a house, first we search the doorbell button/ calling bell button. And press the button. But in this special situation, this doorbell button can cause the virus to spread. When some infected person presses the button the virus holds on that button and when a non-infected person touches this button the virus spreads to that person. We can avoid this danger by using touchless doorbell. The existing doorbell can convert to a touchless doorbell.

Hand Sanitizer
you can also use it in public sanitizers just add a 12v or 6v pump on its output and when you take your hand below the ultrasonic sensor the pumps starts and the sanitizer drops on to your hand then you sanitized your hand and protected from the COVID19.

now it's on you so you can make anything to get protected, show me your creativity and tag me on my twitter @ManiaCircuit https://twitter.com/ManiaCircuit
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