DIY 89S52 Programmer using Arduino

Aug 07th, 2019 | by: Engineer Kid
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The working of this Programmer is quite simple. The 8051 Programmer software comprises of few buttons which send corresponds to a character. When we press a button in the software (e.g. Identify) a character is sent to the Arduino. The Arduino code has several case statements which are executed according to the received character. This process happens within a fraction of seconds. The Arduino acts as a mediator between the software and the 89S52 uC.


You can watch the video below to understand the project.
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A basic block diagram for understanding
Circuit Diagram
If you want to learn more about 8051 uC read this article on my website

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    Hey you are also here Do you still know me from IG Thats funny I love the video I made a instruction to programming an Arduino NANO Thanks for sharing

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