Arduino DIY 6x6 Matrix T-shirt

Aug 07th, 2019 | by: matti04.electronics
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Welcome to my first electronoobs.io project! I want to present you how I made my own LED matrix T-shirt for about 50€ and how to show nice animations and pictures on it using the fantastic LED matrix control software by Tyler Jones. At first I did an 6x8 pixel matrix, but later I changed to 6x6 sice it would't work with the LMCS. I have written the Instrucables after I had it done, so please be excuse me for missing photos. The T-shirt is even washable, you can take the LED strips out. If you have any questions please let me know! Check out my Instructables or my YouTube video about it! Thank you!


Here are some photos!



    about 2 years ago

    So glad youre using the website Thanks for helping the community with your projects Keep up good work


    about 2 years ago

    Thank YOU for providing such a cool website, I LOVE it. Have a good day!

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