Aug 07th, 2019 | by: Rick Sanchez
Category: Electronics Basic Circuits
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In this tutorial I've merged a few sensors together in order to measure distance using infrared light sensors, measure length using a rotary encoder and a 3D printed wheel, measure level with an IMU module but also angles with that same module and finally measure RPMs with another kind of IR sensor. Everything is inside a 3D printed case that I've designed and we have a battery and a charging module with USB as well. To control the modes and more we have 4 touchless buttons based on capacitance that could be below the plastic case. To print the value we use an OLED display and the case also has a laser module pointer. Let's see how to make this. 


Ok guys, let's start this tutorial and first look at what we need. Let's takea look at the electronics first and then we can see the 3D printed case. Ok, so I want to measure distance. For that I've selected 2 sensors adn this is why. One has good range up to 80cm but the other sensor has better precision but only up to 20cm. So I've used the SHARP gp2y0a21 to measure distacne up to 80cm with a resolution of centimeters. Then I've used the VL53L0X sensor to measure distance up to 20cm with a millimeters precision. Both are using infrared light to measure distance but the VL53L0X is laser based and has better precision.


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