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A few weeks ago I've made this radio controller based on Arduino and the NRF24 radio module. Now we can see how to use it. We start with something easy. Servos are controlled with PWM signal. What we do is receive the radio signal, crewte PWM signals and control the servo turret. We also heat some nichrome wire and fire up some firework rockets. The design is 3D printed and uses some FUTABA servo motors. So, let's see.


The code is quite simple. Make the radio connection and depending on the received data move the servos to left or right, up or down. Then, if the AUX 1 is enabeled we activate the relay. If the AUX 2 is enabeled we activate the nichrome wire and fire the rocket. Taht's it. Remember to install the NRF24 radio library as well. This example is for just one rocket. But just add more MOSFETs and nichrome wires and in the code connect the pins to other MOSFETs and enable those as well. So that's it. That's how this works. Quite simple.

Used Schematic
Mounting the turret
Final Turret



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    One day when I have a 3D printer Im going to build this well a custom version of it at least

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