Multifunctional power bank

Dec 25th, 2019 | by: Max Wong
Category: Electronics Basic Circuits
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This homemade powerbank has a 12v and 5v of output, 12v is really useful for me since my other projects are required 12v to run.and it can be used as an alternative power for modem or router during power outages as well.i used 6 cells of lithium ion batteries from new laptop battery(not old broken one, i bought it from my friend with bragains) for real cheap, around 7 bucks.And then I  do a lot of research about it and started to build this power bank .This power bank can charge a single phone for up to 4 times. 

Parts I have used in this project and the costs

Laptop battery pack=7$

3S 20A BMS=1$

2x 12v to 5v power bank module=3.00$ 


On/Off rocker switch= 0.20$

2x 2.1mm DC female socket=1$

Total                                               =12.70$



Charging /discharging every single cell to equal before solder them together


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