Arduino based kitchen bell

Dec 24th, 2019 | by: Robin Gorius
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As my parents were anoyed to always yell at my sister and I to call us for dinner and never get any answer, I get to work and create this arduino based kitchen bell. The systeme is composed of a main housing wich is located in the kitchen. It contained a 20×4 lcd screen wich display the information of a real time clock when the bell isn’t used. It also contained an nrf24l01+ with an external antenner wich play the master role in the network. The brain is an arduino nano 5v 16Mhz. Each bedroom have it's own housing composed of an nrf24l01+, a small 8ohm speaker and 2 button. Their brain is an arduino pro mini 3.3v 8Mhz. The working principal is pretty simple, each bedroom have a dedicated button on the kitchen housing which when pressed start an alarm and light up a blue led in the choose bed room. The alarm is the song from Pirates of the Caribbean. But if you want to call everyone at one's, you just have to press the big red button. After you've been called, you can stop the alram by pressing the « I'm coming » button whuch light up a green led or «  I'm not coming » button which light up a red led. The lcd screen in the kitchen will display the information and after a minutes, it will clear and display the date and time again. 
The enclosure of all the houssing and the push button have been design in fusion 360 and 3d print on a creality ender 3. This project took me easily 3 to 4 month but could have take way longer without the help of arduino tutorial like the nrf24l01+ network video from electronoobs. Thank you !
Even if this project could be considered as finish, I'm looking forward to improve it. For exemple I'll try to put a sound module to be able to change the alarm. I also design the pcbs on easy EDA to stop soldering every things on perf board. I dont really like soldering pcbs on an other pcb and want to dive deaper in electronics engineering. Also, it's way simpler to replicated for other. 


In the following pictures you can see the project avancement 

Enclosure and bedroom pcb
Bedroom pcb
Button from the fusion 360 mobile app
Finish project

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