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How are these induction heaters work? We will look over the circuit and explain step by step how the oscillating signal is created, how current is induced and how the metal will get hot. Finally we use that schematic and mount a homemade version and see if it works to heat up some metals. So let's see...

First, in order to learn and comapare signals, I've bought one of these commercial induction heater modules. This one is advertised as a 1000W mdoule. We can see some huge capacitors, some coils and a few more components and at the output a huge coil of thick copper wire. This output coild will create a powerfull osicllating magnetic field and that's what will heat up metals and we will see how. I make a another coil out of some copper wire and place it next to the induction heater coil and as you can see on the oscilloscope we have the oscillating signal of around 100MHz.


In order to understand how this module will heat up metals, we need to understand 3 things. Firtst, how magnetic fields could induce currents inside metals and the oposite process, how current trough wires will create magnetic fields. Then we need to see how the resonance of those coils and capacitors will create high frequency signals and finall, how current will heat up metals. How you could see below, once the module is powered, those high frequency and powerful oscillations will heat up the metal till it glows bright red, in just a few seconds.

Commercial kit

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