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Ahmed Loay

about 4 years ago
  • Egypt

Hey Mr. electronoob I'm ahmed a student at STEM schools egypt, Lately i heard about you having some trouble with the views and this as well makes me so sad cause i really love your channel as it helped me in a lot of things. I have a suggestion for you, what if you put 3D printers and Theory videos aside for a while and focus on more micro controllers programming actually iam heading towards subjects like Ardupilot which is a UAV controller based on atmega2560 chip, so what if you trued to make one or even input its signal from a regular Nrf24l01 rf transmitter and a receiver, i really think this will attract a lot of views to your videos and even new viewers to the whole channel as everyone now is heading towards autonomous vehicles or basically any thing based on automation. i really hope you liked the idea, please let me know if you received this mail and also let me know if you liked this idea. , see ya.