About me

Aesthetic clinic in orchard Vincere Aesthetic Clinic is founded and led by Dr Vincent Tan, who has also previously helmed two other aesthetics clinics as a medical director along Orchard Road, Singapore. Dr Tan left the last clinic because he felt it was about time to fulfil his greater vision of creating a clinic that is both scientific and poetic. The clinic name ‘Vincere’ was drawn from Dr Tan’s mission to ensure a sincere approach with each and every client, and he does that by marrying the two words ‘Vincent’ and ‘Sincere’. Thus, Vincere Aesthetic Clinic was born. Our Expertise =========== 1)Pigmentation 2)Pores 3)Acne 4)Dull Skin 5)Eye bag 6)Face/Skin Sagging 7)Scars 8)Hair Loss 9)Diastasis Recti