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Shark NV360 - The best portable vacuum cleaner version


It's Shark again, but in this article, we will not review the new products of this brand because they are so great. In this article, Shark navigator NV360 is the product that we bring out for analysis. Born many years ago, but until now, this version is still prevalent and helpful. Why is it so attractive? Check out the article below.




SHARK NV360 products are bagless vacuums, so they allow you to keep more dirt and debris dry. So you will save some money to replace the bag.


Moreover, its handle is also very comfortable to use, allowing the user to push and pull the device to the locations where you need to clean it without difficulty without causing wrist strain and back fatigue.


Unexpectedly, the cleaning path width is up to 9.5 inches which are perfect for large areas. You don't have to worry about moving the machine. In addition to serving the user in the best way, Shark has designed this product with elastic wheels that allow the device to move quickly without using too much force.


At the same time, the machine also has a popular lift-away design. Liftaway is a feature that many people know about with its detachable pod. With this feature, users can quickly and easily separate the parts of the machine to move the toilet into difficult locations.



Advanced filtration system


Shark NV360 has a design of 3 filters, one of which is a HEPA filter, which is considered anti-allergen complete seal technology. The HEPA filter prevents harmful substances such as microscopic dust particles (also known as micro dust) and pollen particles detrimental to humans, especially allergies. Very suitable for families with the elderly and children, people with poor health.


The filter system of the machine is also like a seal that seals allergens and prevents dirt from staying in the device to prevent dust from recirculating into the environment. So even if it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, dirt will not be able to escape.


Amazing suction power


In terms of product models in this segment, Shark vacuum nv360 is a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction frequency of 100,000 times/minute, giving users a great experience. We will use two words, "basic," to comment on the machine's suction power because it will work very well on bare floors and carpets. The technology that Shark equips in the device is like it was ahead of its time. Its advanced Cyclone technology can separate dirt from the air around you.




Most of the Shark NV360 reviews articles will focus a lot on the strengths of the product but say very little and can also ignore the machine's weaknesses, and this article will summarize some of the failings of the device.



- Unbalanced


The machine is straightforward to tip over if someone applies force to the engine. So you need to keep the device away from children and pets.


- Roll the tangled brush


As we said above, the machine completes the work at a basic level, so trouble will occur when the device's work is too much. For example, if the vacuum cleaner sucks on clumps of hair that are too large or a tangle of hair, it will cause the brush roll to tangle.


Above is the Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360; the machine's features will serve your needs at a "basic" level. So this will be the first product for you to feel. Experiencing consequences in the price range with various features will help you if you are new to vacuum cleaners. Hope this article is helpful to you.


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