About me

I'm thrilled to share some exciting updates about ClearHolidays, the travel-tech platform I founded back in 2017. Since its inception, ClearHolidays has been my brainchild, fueled by a deep passion for transforming the way we all plan and enjoy our vacations. We've strived to revolutionize the travel and tourism industry by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology into the booking process, making it easier and more personalized for travelers. Our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences has propelled ClearHolidays into becoming a trusted platform where individuals can effortlessly discover and book their dream destinations. As we set our sights on 2023, we have some ambitious goals for ClearHolidays. Our vision involves expanding our platform's global reach, forming strategic partnerships with top travel agencies and accommodations, and enhancing our user interface to ensure a more intuitive and delightful experience. Additionally, we're dedicated to embracing sustainable and responsible travel practices, aiming to create a conscious travel community. This commitment to innovation and sustainability sets ClearHolidays apart as a pioneer in the travel industry, continuously striving to set new standards for the future of travel. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Prateek Karnadhar