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I am an embedded systems engineer. I like building small electronic projects in my free time and share them on YouTube

Useful Electronics

about 26 days ago
  • Turkey

Tutorial - Relay Based Oscillator with Boost Converter

hello my Friends I hope that everybody is doing fine Today I want to share this video with you, where the working principle of a relay based oscillator is explained theoretically and practically. This oscillator is embedded to a boost converter to step up the DC voltage. The working principle... view more

Useful Electronics

about 27 days ago
  • Turkey

Tutorial - Short Circuit Protection Circuits

Hello my Friends,

This is my first post in electronoobs. I will be posting regularly !! so I hope you stay tuned :)

My style of posts will be concentrated on video so you don't waste your time reading long articles

In this article I want to share with you a video that I c... view more