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Shark IQ Robot XL vacuum - Independent cleaning guy


In today’s Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews, we bring you a product from the best vacuum brand on the market now, SharkNijia. Shark has been filling in the vacuum cleaners market with the top-rated vacuum cleaners designed to bring him portable and convenient to all the cleaning tasks in your house. Shark’s most well-known model must be the shark navigator lift which is equipped with lift-away technology. However, today’s product will be a little different from this famous model. Besides the versatility and convenience that all the Shark’s good vacuum cleaners usually have, today’s product will bring advanced technology and smart features to ease up your lives. We introduce you to the best-rated vacuum in the robot vacuums section, Shark IQ robot XL vacuum. Let’s scroll down and determine what makes this robot vacuum become the best vacuum on the market.


Smart features


When it comes to a robot vacuum, the first thing you must think of is the amounts of innovative features the robot has so that you can leave all the cleaning work to it. Good news! The Shark IQ robot XL vacuum has all the features that make your house free from dust and you free from the cleaning tasks!

  • Smart mapping technology

This independent cleaning guy doesn’t need you to tell where to go cleaning. It has multiple sensors to do so. Instead of telling it to move away from the furniture standing right in front of it, the robot can map out your space with the sensors and fend off the obstacles on its cleaning path. Smart!


  • Self-emptying base

This feature will make you believe this is the Best Vacuum Cleaner on the market now. The self-emptying base will help you to stock up the dust-up to 30 days. In the worst scenario, this means that you might forget the robot and let it do whatever it needs to do for a month. The empty base will hold the dust and debris in for this period before alerting you to empty it. What good news for absent-minded households, right?

  • Application and Voice control

When you first install the app on your phone, the Shark app will let you name your robot. After that, you can use the app to set up the cleaning schedule for your robot. On the application, you can check where the robot has been cleaning; see if there are any error notifications during the whole cleaning process. Lastly, the voice control of the robot will connect to Amazon Alexa. With this feature, you can control your robot with your voice from wherever you want.



Cleaning performance


Besides all the unique features above, this independent cleaning guy also gives us quite impressive cleaning performance. The vacuum runs relatively quietly with its powerful suction power.  The robot gets the job well done for cleaning the hardwood floors and even deep cleaning to take on the debris and dust on carpeted floors. It also has the Shark’s signature self-cleaning brush roll, a perfect choice for all pet owners. This vacuum will not hesitate to suck up the pet hair on the floor without worrying it would be stuck on the brush. Moreover, the robot has a battery life that is long enough to clean up your house before returning to its dock and recharging itself. When it is fully charged, it will return and continue to clean up the area it left off before.


Overall, the Shark IQ Robot XL vacuum brings us everything you are looking for in the best rated vacuum cleaner, including smart mapping technology, application control, and impressed cleaning performance. We think that all those elements will satisfy most of our requirements for a cleaning robot.