About me

Frank A. Mason is the pen name for a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel who also served as a college professor for 25 years. As an officer in the USAF, Mason flew as a crew member on B-52s during the Cold War, served as a flying training instructor, and led high-level staff organizations over 22 years of his early adult life. A college professor from the late 1990’s to the present, Mason’s alter ego earned a Ph.D. from one of the nation’s top 10 public institutions and had the privilege to mentor hundreds of doctoral students at three institutions. His novels chronicling the adventures of a young gunsmith caught in the vortex of the American Revolution are available on Amazon.com and other booksellers. Frank A. Mason is also the author of a forthcoming series of suspense novels featuring reluctant hero Matt McCall that will be available on Amazon.com and other booksellers. Best Thriller Books 2022 18th Century Book