Paid work to design and test PID device for a specific task

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Hi, first off, apologies if this is not the right place to post this.

I am a private individual and I'm working on a Wing In Ground effect vehicle.
I neither have the time or ability to design a device to do what I want as I'm essentially a mechanical engineer but I do have some electronics knowledge.  I'm pretty sure I know what I want but I don't know how to integrate it all together
I'm looking for a designer to design and build a device that will be able to generate an output to an aerodynamic surface via an RC style servo, to maintain a predetermined user adjustable altitude within 0.5 and 4m of the surface of water at speeds of up to 100mph.  Rather like a car cruise control, but for altitude instead of speed.

As far as I can see I need a 24Ghz Microwave radar (due to the harsh conditions, anticipated vehicle speed and accuracy):

An airspeed reading device to reduce the output as speed increases

A PID with tunable channels (poss an arduino)

I gather this is not too difficult as it is very similar to other existing devices for example (with modifications) and I will be looking for a prototype for evaluation and eventually a circiut board which I can have made and populate myself.  I will be able to supply the hardware for experimenation.

I know nothing of code so that will have to be completed to produce a working device

If this interests anyone - please reply with an indication of your experience and likely cost.
Many thanks

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Re: Paid work to design and test PID device for a specific task Reply #2 on: January 04, 2023, 10:08:59 AM
A PID (proportional-integral-derivative) device is a control system that uses feedback to continuously adjust the output of a system in order to achieve a desired setpoint. In order to design and test a PID device for a specific task, the following steps may be taken:

Identify the specific task that the PID device will be used for, and determine the setpoint that the system needs to maintain.

Determine the input and output variables for the system, and develop a mathematical model that describes the relationship between these variables.

Use this model to design the PID controller, including the proportional, integral, and derivative gains.

Implement the PID controller in hardware or software, and test it using simulations or physical experiments.

Iterate on the design and testing process as needed, until the PID device is able to effectively control the system and maintain the desired setpoint.

It is important to carefully consider the requirements of the specific task and the system in which the PID device will be used in order to design an effective and reliable controller. Buy Performance beggar floorboards online in USA at reasonable prices.

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