nRF24l01 library

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nRF24l01 library on: March 09, 2021, 07:27:21 PM
your sketch for the remote car using the nrf24l01 module for the joystick transmitter has 3 libraries,   the SPI, the nRF24l01.h, and the RF24.h.  I have the SPI library, and the RF24.h library, but I don't see/cant find a specific "nRF24l01.h" library??  when libraries are included, they show in sketch as color orange, and the spi and rf24 library shows orange, but the nrf24l01 It also does not show up in my sketch as 'orange' because I think it is a separate library and I do not have.  Is the NRF24l01.h truly a separate 3rd libary we need, or is it all part of the RF24.h library?