Brushless Whoop 2s with Arduino

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Brushless Whoop 2s with Arduino on: October 09, 2019, 09:15:59 PM
Hi everyone,

Trying to start off with a drone project, where I'm trying to make a Brushless Whoop 2s. Therefore I'm following the Electronoobs drone tutorials. Also I noticed a lot of disciplines come together when making a drone, which makes a good basis for learning Electronics, programming C++, 3D design/CAD. Once I got my research together I will start off. While building the project, I will make some Dutch videos. Because all videos are in English and thats not everyones strong suit, while lots of technical terms get lost in translation.
Important for the Brushless whoop is it weight, if it's to heavy it won't lift off. Therefore I need the right brushless motors, I was thinking on 1103's for this with around 8000kV.
In order to lose a lot of weight is by making a PCB for all the components into a flight controller. Now I have seen a lot of rotorbuilds for this, but none was about making an own flight controller for this. The ESC's need to be build-in aswell, so I have to put up a schematic for this. Now I'm wondering where I have to pay extra attention to and all feedback and input is welcome for this.

Was taking this for example, but then adjust it to the NRF24L receiver(maybe even built the receiver in) and Atmel 325P.

Best regards,
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Working on the TechClash Whoop a Brushless Whoop 2s variant project.

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