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Posting Projects/Other Suggestions on: February 03, 2020, 08:03:45 PM
I may have done it wrong, but there were several times I lost what I had on the page while creating a project.
The first time instead of choosing a picture to upload, I tried to drop it. The post went to a different page and when I backtracked, it was gone. The second time, I was typing and by the time I got to click on save, the site had timed out, after reentering my credentials, the page was gone. I wish there was a way to save as draft or even better, the site automatically saved as a draft.

Also, the Spanish posts are not tripping chrome browsers translate. I am guessing that since just the post is in Spanish, chrome sees it as English and in English, so no translation is necessary.

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Re: Posting Projects/Other Suggestions Reply #1 on: February 04, 2020, 09:47:13 AM
Thank you for the feedback. Yes, maybe we should implement an auto save for drafts...

Re: Posting Projects/Other Suggestions Reply #2 on: April 21, 2020, 02:55:21 PM
I'm new to IoT/embedded systems and related topics. It would be great if you could discuss various actuators(in addition to motors), their working principle, where and how to use them and finally where to buy(online) them here or on your Youtube Channel. The content is great but I thought it missed the discussion about the topics I mentioned.

I'm new to this field, so I'm not sure if we're expected to know something about the actuators beforehand!!! I found no one had discussed them anywhere on the internet. Please do point me to a good resource on actuators if it's possible.

Re: Posting Projects/Other Suggestions Reply #3 on: April 23, 2020, 09:42:55 AM
I'll put that to my to do list! Thank you!

Re: Posting Projects/Other Suggestions Reply #4 on: October 06, 2020, 05:14:15 AM
Saludos buenas noches.

Le saluda Byron Zapata Docente de Mecatrónica de la Universidad Politécnica Salesiana de Ecuador, me agrada mucho sus videos en YouTube, y me interesaría realizar un Webinar en el que pueda contar con sus colaboración en temas de electrónica y microcontroladores.

Quisiera saber si fuese posible contar con sus servicios para este Webinar, y si esta interesado, cual seria el proceso que deberíamos seguir.

Muy agradecido y deseándole muchos éxitos en su carrera.