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Buy/Sell/Wanted / Sale of electronics components
« on: March 01, 2021, 02:42:55 PM »
Hello guys!

I’m selling my boxes of electronics components and evaluating offers. If someone is interested, please let me know! I’m currently living in Italy (for shipping considerations).


* Assorted shrink tubes (various colors and sizes): x287.
 * 18AGW 0.75mm silicone stranded cables: 2m red and 2m black.
 * 28AGW 1.2mm Silicone Stranded Cables: Approx.  2.65m black;  3.35m red;  1.85m blue;  1.93m white;  1.90m yellow;  1.90m green;  1.90m orange.
 * 5x5cm PCB: x2.
 * Protoboard 830 MB-102 points.
 * Banana connectors: female (x15) and male (x15).
 * Linear Potentiometers: 1K (x3), 5K (x3), 10K (x2), 100K (x3).
 * Trimpot (Potentiometers): 10K (x3).
 * Logarithmic potentiometers: 1K (x3), 4.7K (x3), 10K (x3);  100K (x3).
 * NPN amplifier transistors: BC337 (x 10), BC338 (x10), BC547 (x25), BD135 (x4), BD136 (x4), TIP31 (x4), TIP32 (x4), TIP122 (x1).
 * PNP amplifier transistors: C557B (x20)
 * Polyester capacitors: 1nK (x10), 4n7K (x10), 10nK (x10), 22nK (x10), 47nK (x10), 104K (x5).
 * Ceramic Capacitors: 100pF (x5).
 * Electrolytic capacitors: 1µF (x6), 2.2µF (x6), 4.7µF (x6), 10µF (x3), 22µF (x5), 47µF (x6), 100µF (x9), 220µF (x6), 470µF (x6)  , 1000µF (x6).
 * Resistors: 47Ω (x10), 68Ω (x10), 100Ω (x 10), 150Ω (x10), 300Ω (x5), 220Ω (x29), 470Ω (x 10), 560Ω (x5), 1KΩ (x5),  1KΩ (x15), 1K5Ω (x10), 2K2Ω (x10), 2K7Ω (x10), 3K3Ω (x10), 4K7Ω (x15), 10KΩ (x34), 15KΩ (x10), 22KΩ (x9), 27KΩ (x10),  33KΩ (x10), 47KΩ (x10), 100KΩ (x10), 150KΩ (x10), 220KΩ (x10), 270KΩ (x10), 330KΩ (x10), 470KΩ (x10), 15KΩ (x10), 1MΩ (x15),  1M5KΩ (x10), 1MΩ (x10), 10MΩ (x5).
 * Diode 1N4007: x26.
 * Zener diodes: 5V (x10), 9V (x10), 12V (x11).
 * MTS-102 ON-ON 125V toggle switch: x2.
 * Low Drop Voltage Regulator HT7333-1 SOT89: x8.
 * Voltage regulator: L7805cv (x2), L7812cv (x3), LM317T (x3).
 * Mosfet IRF520: x2.
 * Male pin header: single row (x381), double row (x3), curved (x16).
 * Alligator clip: red (x20) and black (x20).
 * I2c 16x2 lcd display: green (x1) and blue (x1).
 * Infrared remote control.
 * Transformer 9 + 9 V 200mA.
 * Card 1 optoisolated relay 5Vdc and 125Vac 15A.
 * Card 4 optoisolated relays 5Vdc and 250Vac 10A.
 * 3 PIN ON-OFF slide switch: x7.
 * Power female jack DC connectors: x9.
 * MPU6050 accelerometer and gyroscope: x2.
 * ESP8266 AI-Cloud Inside wifi card + Adapter.
 * SG90 micro servo motor.
 * Brush motor: 9V (x1), 12V (x1).
 * 5V DC stepper motor.
 * ULN2003 High Power Stepper Motor Driver Test Module.
 * L293D micro controller for h-bridge motor drive.
 * Sound sensor.
 * PIR presence sensor.
 * FT232RL board between USB to TTL.
 * BMS board for charging Li-ion 18650 3S 12.6V 20A battery.
 * 3D Analog Joystick Potentiometers with Knob: x2 (plus 2 extra knobs).
 * Flying-fish MH Sensor Series analog / digital light detector.
 * Humidity sensor.
 * Mercury tilt sensor.
 * Tilt Motion Level Vibration Tilt Sensor Switch.
 * TMP36 temperature sensor.
 * Infrared sensor.
 * NRF24L01 + PA + LNA 1000 meters 2.4GHz wireless data transmission modules: x2.
 * NRF24L01 Antenna Wireless Data Transmission Modules: x2.
 * Adapters for NRF24L01 module with 12v-3.3V voltage regulator: x2.
 * LDR photo sensors: x6.
 * HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Serial Slave of the transceiver and master module.
 * 4N35 optocoupler: x2.
 * 4 PIN RGB LED: x30.
 * 3mm LED: green (x20), red (x20), yellow (x20).
 * 5mm LED: white (x4), blue (x10), yellow (x32), green (x32), red (x32).
 * Breadboard rigid cable jumpers different colors and sizes: x128.
 * Protoboard jumper: female-female (x22), female-male (x30) and male-male (x40).

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